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Word on the Street

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Jennifer Marks

The Approved Life Plan was not working for me, the one where I would spend my time, my talent, my creativity in the service of someone else’s dreams and goals. The one where I would leave my family for one third of our lives and plug into a group of people I may or may not connect with. And, an interesting thing happened when I decided to abandon that Plan and committed to opening my mind, my heart, and my life Possibility. What happened was I made a new friend, and discovered a group of people who focus their passion and their talents on helping everyone live a healthier, happier life. I discovered a team centered on the belief that health and wellness is accessible to everyone, and that it is possible to build a successful, profitable business while staying true to my values, my dreams and my abilities. GWW has welcomed me warmly, with friendship. They have encouraged me to think big, giving center stage to my wildest goals. They have offered support and advice whenever I have needed it, and accountability to keep me on track. With them, I have found a way to build my business around the reality of my life. I can now essentially work at my business while living my life at the same time. That bonus was never even part of the plan. I am really glad I said Yes!

Karen Barbara

I was introduced to GWW at a time in my life where I was really struggling to get through the day. I was on medication from a disease that I was managing and working a limited schedule. My cousin, Hilary, explained what she was doing and it made complete sense to me. After 4 months, I had more energy. After 6 months, I went off my medication. Fast forward to 9 months, I was helping others to see there are other options and you can be in control of your life. This team has so much information and support! I love that I am part of something bigger than myself and that I can bring it into my part time work as a hairstylist as well. The best part is my energy is back and I am so happy helping others to feel great, and I can do this from anywhere! Thank you for this opportunity to change my life!

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Dawn Veras

Being part of Global Wellness Warriors has given me the ability to see my true worth, find my true self, find the right community, and the ability to give myself opportunities that set me free - as well as financial freedom!

Sandra Wickson

What Global Wellness Warriors has changed for me is EVERYTHING. My eating habits for one. I eat intuitive now, I can help with paying bills. I love the feeling of helping others get healthy, by far the best. And, the love I have for our team is incredible. I’m honored to be in their company every time I'm with them. 

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Dr. Sarah Vose, PT, DPT

Connecting with the Global Wellness Warriors has brought health, wealth, and freedom to my life.  When I first connected with the GWW I was in the process of recovering from several autoimmune diseases. As I became more mindful of what I put into my body, my health improved to the point where my autoimmune diseases went into remission!  From my own journey I quickly realized how important nutrition is to our health and how often it is overlooked in our current healthcare system.

As a healthcare provider myself, I knew I had to join the GWW on their mission and help spread their important message not only to the patients at my practice but to my community, family, and friends. Joining the GWW has changed my business model from one where I strictly traded time for money (and an abundance of both were mutually exclusive) to one where I had residual income that was not solely dependent on the number of minutes I spent with someone.  This has introduced a whole new level of freedom to my life and I get to help people feel their best in the process. A double win!!

Robyn Schwinn

It has given me my health back, gives me peace of mind that I am doing the same for my family, helped me grow as a person and find a priceless tribe.

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Heather Greene

Joining the Global Wellness Warriors has been truly inspirational!  It has allowed me to follow my passion of helping others, while falling in love with becoming the best version of myself. I have already found health, happiness, hope and healing, and I can’t wait to see where the future leads.  Truly a Good Vibe Tribe❤️

Who's next? 

Why did you say yes to the Global Wellness Warriors? What are you loving about joining our team??

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Veena Rhodes, MD, IIN health coach, mom of 3 and foodie for life

I had been presented the opportunity to join a similar community years ago but the timing was not quite right. I thought my life was full enough at the time and honestly, I thought it was "just another program." Being a Lifestyle Medicine physician and foodie myself, I always am looking at the science behind what is presented to me. How can there be a magic pill?? I knew immediately when talking with the team during pandemic that this was the time and place. Our communities need guidance on lifestyle health now more than ever, and working among this team of fantastic people has amplified all of our individual efforts. We are more powerful together. Community brings accountability, empowerment and sustainability. Joining and being supported by the warm, inviting team, and being blessed with regular testimonials from clients is hugely rewarding but has also assured me that I've made the best decision. Wish I would have joined years ago!

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